Faherty is a family brand that has grown rapidly over the years due to its strategic diversification in online and offline channels, and its ability to tell a connected story across those channels. Kerry Faherty, Chief Impact Officer, says "When people think about Faherty, we want them to feel a sense of warmth, trust, and inclusion.”

With its online business growing rapidly in 2020, Faherty turned to Verbal+Visual to solve short term problems that were slowing down the site performance and lowering conversion rates, and simultaneously to invest in a website redesign that will help the business scale for years to come.


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We’re thrilled. Great job by you and the team. Excited to build on this and create the greatest clothing site ever!!

Alex Faherty

Founder and CEO

01 Bursting At The Seams

Faherty has experienced insanely rapid growth over the past few years, and isn’t slowing down any time soon. With plans to open more retail locations and continue to grow the online business, the digital infrastructure was in need of a major overhaul.

Verbal+Visual set best practices in place, setting up new systems for administrative tasks like product tagging and image organization. Using our own proprietary component library as a framework for the site, Faherty now has the flexibility to manage all creative and content aspects of the site in a more intuitive, easier, and faster way.

02 Mobile-First Mentality

Faherty’s site was suffering immensely, especially due to a poorly designed mobile experience. Coupled with an inherited codebase that was brittle and not highly performant, customers left feeling frustrated at times, and the essence of the brand didn’t shine.

The newly redesigned experience makes the site a more composed and considered experience for all users, especially those on mobile. We’ve given the site more room to breathe by introducing a design system that evenly balances Faherty’s beautiful imagery and brand copy, feels smooth to the customer, and was designed with mobile top of mind.

03 Faherty’s Many Missions

Faherty is committed to being better stewards of the planet and creating meaningful conversations and community to spark change. They are members of 1% For The Planet, and partner with Bluesign to track raw materials and harmful chemicals. They also support clean water, Indigenous communities, and incarcerated individual rehabilitation programs.

Verbal+Visual designed the About Page to reflect all of the impact work Faherty is involved in, alongside dynamic content management flexibility to make updates within their own internal team while retaining design consistency.

In addition, Faherty sells products from mission-aligned brands like Yellow 108 and Veja, both companies that produce sustainable products. A dedicated Collection page gives Faherty the ability to feature one brand and list the other brands below, effectively creating a sustainable goods marketplace within its own site.

04 Pushing The Product Experience

Faherty is always pushing the envelope on customer experience, and has implemented a number of tech tools to personalize the shopping experience.

We implemented the True Fit feature to help customers find perfect sizing options based on their past purchases, in tandem with AI-aggregated data that compares Faherty’s catalog to different brands for sizing differences.

In addition, Hemster gives customers the option to custom tailor pants as they order, and Hero is a virtual shopping tool that gives customers the option to talk to an in-store associate.

These features have been integrated with precision into the customer experience on Product Pages, helping to enhance customer experience without distracting from the path to purchase.

05 A Scalable Design System

Faherty’s new site leverages Verbal+Visual’s custom component library, giving them a framework that is highly performant for Shopify and allows them scalability without losing or degrading the design system as they make updates to the site. The scalability of the system using page builder gives Faherty’s creative team flexibility to take control of the site and make changes independently of any developer as well.

This new design system has empowered Faherty to manage their site fluidly, allowing our partnership going forward to be focused on long-term strategic growth versus maintenance and support.