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Internationally Acclaimed Streetwear

Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) is an internationally acclaimed streetwear brand. As one of America’s most recognizable heritage brands, how did WIP become an iconic European presence? WIP celebrates, cultivates, and collaborates with youth subcultures all over the world. It was born a couple years after Germans Edwin and Salomee Feah visited the U.S. in 1989 and were granted a license to create the streetwear version of the Carhartt brand. Carhartt USA, a historic workwear brand was born in Michigan in 1889. WIP is a continuation of the workwear roots, and indisputably a powerful force in streetwear and youth culture. Given that distribution was based in Europe they were looking for a better way to better serve their American market.  Logistical challenges were preventing customers from ordering at a high efficient rate. The visual identity and digital platform weren’t optimized to the level desired if WIP wanted to continue on its’ growth trajectory.

An American Digital Presence

Verbal+Visual re-designed the entire digital experience for Carhartt WIP from the ground up by utilizing WIP’s heritage illustrious past. The variety of Carhartt logos from WIP’s lore combined with the detection and inclusion of the “hot orange” color used long-ago allowed us to build upon the existing brand. We delivered a thoughtful customer experience by migrating all operations, including fulfillment and 3rd party vendors to the United States. Additionally, we migrated their platform to Shopify Plus. The WIP team is now able to effectively manage their entire experience in-house. As a result, their dedicated customer base can now order worry-free, which lead to a sizable increase in revenue.

Distinct Expression of Style

A segmentation & personalization strategy was implemented to create a hyper-personalized experience that respects the heritage by embracing it’s workwear roots and embodying love through youth culture all over the world. In other words, the site gets smarter as you shop. This has lead to a more engaged experience and an efficient path to purchase for WIP’s North American customers.

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