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In order to uncork potential in an untapped industry, Uproot Wines turned to Verbal+Visual to create a direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform for their unique wine collection. Given the inherent challenges in selling wine online and the ambitious desire to be the best-in-breed online wine outlet, the platform had to reach and surpass all e-commerce best practices.


In order to become a best-in-class digital outlet in a challenging space, Verbal+Visual sought to ensure an optimized and user tested design and user experience for Uproot Wines. Age verification (a large prohibitor for most wineries), efficiency of processing orders, and customer service were some of the key pain points we wanted to address and solve.

Uncork it.

Following a challenging five month process, we are proud to report that Uproot significantly increased its online sales, automated several processes, which saved tons of man hours, and allowed them to showcase their wines, recipes, and creativity to the world. The end result felt like the perfect blend of delightful user experience, high-end design, and extreme customer satisfaction. We couldn’t be more happy for the Uproot team in their success. Cheers!


ROI in 4 months


Increase in conversion rate


Decrease in bounce rate

“It was a pleasure working with the Verbal+Visual team from start to finish. The wine industry is a complicated one, and they worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was perfect, from strategy to design, through compliance and logistics. We’re thrilled!”

– Jay Levy, CEO, Uproot Wines


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