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Geared Up


College football fans are filled with passion for their team and a deep sense of pride for their university. Many college football programs are over a century old, and the goal of the brand was to identify with that tradition while creating clothing that was stylish and fun to wear.

Buckle Your Chinstraps

Verbal+Visual worked with the Tradition Threads team in a highly collaborative fashion. All visual aspects of the business needed to be created from the ground up, including branding and the website, as well as the actual clothing designs and promotional materials.

Ready to Play

Armed with an idea steeped in history, Tradition Threads worked with Verbal+Visual to bring that idea to life. The result was a product experience that both alumni and current students could root for.


ROI Within 4 Months


New Universities in 3 Months


Customer Satisfaction Rate

“The Verbal+Visual team took our vision and brought it to life, creating a brand and clothing line the fans could identify with. It was an amazing experience and we owe them for our incredible growth in just one short season.”

– Raffi Astourian, President


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