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Inspired by a state of mind, nuyu’s mission is to empower women to treat their wardrobes as extensions of what they love and what they want. nuyu has long offered a range of college-specific apparel, but recently increased their product line to include general affinity wear. nuyu partnered with V+V to polish their site to reflect the feel of their newly expanded line.

New You, New Site


V+V was entrusted with making sure that nuyu’s new site is, at once, elevated and edgy, with user-friendly processes and navigation that is both smooth and intuitive. These refreshed elements set the tone for a space with powerful branding and optimized user experience.

High Function, Playful Fashion

The result is a bold, edgy e-commerce space that honors nuyu’s mission and aligns with their guiding design principles. With a striking visual elements, improved processes, and a brand ambassador portal that highlights events and marketing initiatives, nuyu has experienced a significant boost in sales since the new site launched.


Sales Increase


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