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As a high-end niche fashion brand, Leggiadro has the highest of standards for all of their departments. Their website was severely lacking in eCommerce capabilities, as well as ease of updating products and content, so the Verbal+Visual team needed to understand how their products could be introduced to their passionate customer base.

Patterns to Pixels

With such fine attention to detail and customer service, Verbal+Visual worked together with the Leggiadro team to create a clean and sophisticated eCommerce platform. The platform focused on the way Leggiadro runs their business: unique patterns define each product line, and the website allowed the Leggiadro team to show off their patterns and products in a cohesive fashion.

Aesthetically Efficient

Leggiadro is an Italian word meaning aesthetically beautiful, with lightness and grace has become a name in fashion synonymous with sophisticated casual elegance. The website matched that beauty, both in visual pleasure and raw numbers. The new site performed significantly better, both from a sales perspective and from an operations perspective.


Decrease in Bounce Rate YOY


Increase in Pageviews


Increase in Pages Per Session

“Verbal+Visual has the best customer service of any of our vendors. They take the time to help and answer any questions I have, and are extremely thorough in their follow through. Highly recommend!”

– Kristine Ross, Marketing Director


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