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Be You. Be Brand New.

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Vintage, mint-condition sneaker collections sounds like it’s straight out of the 90’s. In a way, it is. Deadstock aims to be different, though, by creating an auction based platform for its rare sneakers. The name is derived from the condition in which the list all of their sneakers—mint condition, or as it’s known by sneakerheads, deadstock—and is run by a current NFL player, and a former IMG executive.

Heading Off Sneaker Heads

Looking for a space for sneaker-connoisseurs to browse and purchase new shoes to add to their collections, the site fits in with the brand’s hip hop vibe.

Mint Condition

Deadstock’s new space is the ideal website for “sneaker heads” to easily browse and expand their personal collections.


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“Verbal+Visual has been great to work with. They were the most professional and personable group that we were fortunate enough to work with in the process of getting our business online.”

– Jordan Norwood, CEO


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