Why Your Customer Support Pages Are Vital To Success?

By Anshey Bhatia • July 22, 2016

Everyone wants to create a website that will attract new leads and get more conversions. All too often with site launches, customer service pages end up being an afterthought.  Your website should be designed to both attract your current customers and keep them engaged.  Failing to retain your current clients can lead to a loss of future sales and a devaluing of your brand over time. Here are important reasons why you should create simple design and engaging content for your customers;

Cheaper and Easier

It is easier to convince a current customer to purchase your product than constantly looking for new prospects. The White House Office of Consumers Affairs concluded that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a current one. If the customer has had a good experience with your brand, the time and resources required to convert them will be shorter. According to Market Metrics research, the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% whereas with existing customers the probability is 60-70%. Clearly, you are capturing low-hanging fruit by continually marketing to your current customer base.

Improve Retail Partnerships

If you are a manufacturer selling your products through large retailers like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s, as well as your website, you might be surprised to learn that a lot of your site traffic to customer support pages comes from your retail partners. Retailers depend on your customer service website for accurate product information, sourcing parts and accessories. They need to know that you have their back up with resolving customer issues. Providing exceptional customer service website will help you build a greater relationship with retailer partners.

Gain Insights into Customers

If you are looking into launching a new product or feature, you should utilize your customer support page data to ensure you’re adding features that your customers want. Vimeo, the video subscription platform, religiously refers to their customers’ feedback to improve their website. When studying consumer feedback, they found that businesses managing their Vimeo account found it frustrating that Vimeo didn’t allow for them to add multiple users and logins to their account. Whenever an employee left the company, the business had to change the password for security reasons. Before launching their “Manage Team” feature that allows one account to add multiple users, Vimeo reached out to the customers who specifically requested for that feature. Vimeo recruited users from different subscription levels from Vimeo Plus to Pro, and asked them to test out the feature to ensure a holistic view of their customers. Through consistently referring to their customer support data, Vimeo launches features that they that their customer base needs. Without using customer support pages data, you might miss out on opportunities to learn more about your customers and their needs.

We feel that this Kristin Smaby quote perfectly expresses the business need to utilize your customer support pages.

“In an era when companies see online support as a way to shield themselves from ‘costly’ interactions with their customers, it’s time to consider an entirely different approach: building human-centric customer service through great people and clever technology. So, get to know your customers. Humanize them. Humanize yourself. It’s worth it.”

:Kristin Smaby, Being Human is Good Business

Branding Opportunity

To ensure that your brand isn’t a fad, you should invest in content to engage your customer base. Equinox has become a household name in the fitness world. Their brand marketing doesn’t end when they sign new members. They have an online editorial magazine called Furthermore that features the best workout clothes, healthy recipes, vacation spots, so they establish themselves as a lifestyle brand and rather than gym chain. Through continuously engaging their gym members, they run successful referral campaigns and offer additional amenities like spa treatments and upsell of memberships. Through creating branded content for your customers, you have the opportunity to convert your customers to brand ambassadors.

Designing a sleek and fast customer support pages around your customer base will enable you to service your customers better, increase sales and build a successful brand with loyal followers.

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To find out more about how to improve your customer support pages or the overall design of your website, please contact Verbal+Visual about an audit of your current site. We are happy to share our knowledge so that you can improve your business.

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