The Puffin: How and Why We Selected Our New Company Mascot

By Anshey Bhatia • June 2, 2015

Once of the quintessential parts of any company is, of course, its mascot.  Last week, the V+V team put their collective heads together to decide on a company mascot that we could use to showcase our personality, both internally and externally.

All team members were encouraged to put forth their contenders, with raging debates taking place right up until the final vote last Wednesday.  The official list of nominees included:

  • Platypus
  • Meerkat
  • Puffin
  • Octopus
  • Alpaca

At our weekly meeting, all team members were encouraged to present their mascot of choice.  Following a heated debate (the pro-Platypus and pr0-Puffin factions were neck and neck), we cast written ballots, and finally voted the Puffin into the V+V family as our official mascot.  From

Like other species of auk (and indeed numerous other seabirds), Puffins are highly sociable animals that are found on grassy clifftops in vast colonies that can contain as many as two million individuals. However, it is not just on land that they are known to stick together as when they are feeding out at sea, Puffins are known to form “rafts” to ensure that they are better protected from their numerous predators due to the technique of safety in numbers. As well as being fast and efficient in the air, Puffins are also incredibly adept and agile swimmers that are known to dive to depths of up to 60meters for as long as two minutes at a time (although the average dive usually only lasts for around 20 seconds), in order to maximise their chances of catching plenty of fish both for their themselves and for their young. During the winter months, Puffins spend most of their time hunting out at sea sometimes many miles from land before returning to the cliffs during the warmer months to breed making it fairly difficult for scientists to fully understand the status of the species.

Ultimately our team swayed towards the Puffin for a few key reasons: their unique orange beak (if you look closely and at the right angle, you can see a “V”), their tremendous teamwork displayed in all conditions (land, water, air), their general quirky looks, and their agility to adjust to a variety of situations.  They create things together, and they fly, swim, and walk their way to building their homes, getting their food, and doing what they do best: agile task completion. Right up our alley.  All in all, the Puffin fit our team characteristics to a T!

Following the selection, our whiteboard received a fun overhaul:




We’re excited to welcome the Puffin into the V+V family!  Future uses will include a weekly award, given out in the form of a Puffin stuffed animal to the person that has demonstrated the best attributes of Puffins, and a 3D printed Puffin created by our own Anna Pankevich, as a showcase piece for the office.

Welcome, Puffin.  We didn’t realize how much you meant to us until the moment you were born selected as our mascot.  Here here to many years together!

A Proper Puffin

Anshey Bhatia

Founder of Verbal+Visual. E-commerce nerd. People connector. Travel junkie. Tech lover.

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