The #Levo100 Mentor Power Hour

By Anshey Bhatia • October 14, 2015

Living and working in New York City, you could easily attend a different networking event every day. As someone who is new to the city, it’s been great to take advantage of these educational (and free) events. Last week, I attended Levo’s Mentor Power Hour. The panelists were all a part of Levo League’s recent Levo 100, a list of a hundred extraordinary, and incredibly inspiring, millennials. While the panel was just an hour long, it was jam-packed with insights and advice that I won’t soon forget, including:

Be in the Moment

“The most important thing you can do is be in the moment,” said Caroline Ghosn, panel moderator and CEO/Founder of Levo. As millennials, it’s typical for our minds to wander to the future and what we need to accomplish next. Personally, I know this is something I am guilty of, as it can sometimes feel easier to worry about what is going to happen in the future than the task at hand.

Mentoring Doesn’t Always Fit the Mold

One of the questions asked was about mentors, and if the panelists had one specific mentor that significantly shaped their career. I was surprised to learn that no, most of them did not have one specific mentor. In recent years, so much emphasis has been placed on finding a mentor to guide you through your career, but just as many successful people don’t have just one mentor.

Shiza Shahid, Cofounder and CEO of the Malala Fund, spoke about how she has formed a network of friends and peers that have filled the mentorship role.

“Look for peer mentors – people who will change you and lift you up,” Shiza said. Throughout college, my friends from the various student organizations quickly became peer mentors, and having a sounding board of people in similar majors was invaluable. While I’ve recently graduated from college, I know that I will continue to turn to my peers for advice as we all move on to the next stages of our careers.

Don’t Always Accept No

“Don’t listen to people who tell you no,” said Rebecca Minkoff, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Rebecca Minkoff, “Do it anyway.”

It doesn’t matter how successful you or your business becomes, Minkoff reiterated, you’ll still frequently face rejection. A successful businessperson will have the ability to recognize when to ignore it and go ahead with your plan anyway. As a young professional, it can be easy to avoid standing up for what you think is right, but it’s also important to note that to be a good team member, you should regularly contribute your opinion.

Set and Acknowledge Your Goals

Levo’s Ghosn strongly encouraged everyone to write down their goals, every few months or year (whichever works best for you), and seal them in an envelope. When you look at them later on, you’ll realize how much you have achieved without noticing. We often blow right past our goals without recognizing them or patting ourselves on the back for the achievement. That very evening, I went home and wrote down my goals, and I’m excited to look back at them months from now.

Overall, the event was a great source of mid-week inspiration, not only from the wise words of the hugely-successful panelists, but also from the driven, passionate audience members. Levo is a great resource for millennials, and you can find more information about upcoming events on the New York Local Levo page.

Anshey Bhatia

Founder of Verbal+Visual. E-commerce nerd. People connector. Travel junkie. Tech lover.

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