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Verbal+Visual has partnered with Shopify Plus as our e-commerce platform of choice. Having created hundreds of e-commerce sites since our inception in 2009, Verbal+Visual made the decision to commit to Shopify Plus for its’ scalability, ease of development, and controlled checkout environment. Shopify is consistently considered the leader in e-commerce platforms, and we’re proud to be a part of the family. The tools and features which Shopify Plus offers allows us create unique and highly effective digital experiences to help our clients grow their businesses. Over 1,000 enterprises use Shopify Plus as their e-commerce platform of choice, so rest assured knowing you’re in good company.

Why Shopify Plus?


+ Scalable e-commerce Platform
Shopify was built with mid to large sized companies in mind. With Shopify Plus, there is no limit to the numbers of SKUs that you can add to your site and the number of staff accounts. Shopify Plus is built to handle the high growth periods so that you don’t have to experience growing pains when scaling your business.

+ Compatible Design
To simplify the backend of your site, Shopify has numerous plugins and APIs so that your site can be seamlessly integrated with other marketing tools, such as MailChimp and Google Adwords.

+ Rapid Launches
Instead of committing to the timely and expensive process of building a website from scratch, Shopify gives you the infrastructure to quickly launch so you can spend your resources on other areas of your business.

+ Customize Solutions
With continuous technology updates on Shopify Plus, your website will be optimized whether your customers are shopping on their phones or their desktop. The platform has an easy backend solution that can support customized checkouts and can cloning shops as you expand.

+ Customer Service
With 24-hour customer service, you can quickly ask for help when you are experiencing technical difficulties. When you start your Shopify Plus account, you will be assigned an account manager to strategize on ways to grow your eCommerce store.

+ No Hidden Fees
Shopify has streamlined the payment process so that your customers aren’t charged transaction fees. Also, Shopify Plus users are charged a flat monthly fee that puts no caps on revenue, orders, and bandwidth.

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Exceptional Designs

As a Shopify Plus Expert, we know all the in’s and out’s of the Shopify Plus program, and with our talented team, we can create a unique experience for you. We have in-depth knowledge of building custom checkout processes and creating eCommerce platforms for rapid deployment.

Our digital platform for Uproot Wines is recognized as innovative and ground-breaking among Shopify Plus sites. Our team built the site to inspire wine shoppers while overcoming the obstacles in selling wine online, namely age verification and recurring billing for their wine club. In addition, V+V created unique wine experiences such as a Palette Quiz and a Recipes + Wine Pairings content area.

“It was a pleasure working with the Verbal+Visual team from start to finish. They worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was perfect, from strategy to design, through compliance and logistics. We’re thrilled!”

– Jay Levy, CEO

Designed To You

With our talented and experienced team, we can have you up and running on Shopify Plus in no time. With a scalable and stable platform, you’ll spend less time worrying about IT and focus your energy where it really matters: on growing your business.


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