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Shopify Plus is seeing staggering numbers of retailers migrate from Magento, and we’re not surprised. In this quickly evolving industry, retailers want to focus on business, not IT.

Shopify Plus offers every advantage — from security to customization to scalability — and, with all support and security patches for Magento 1.0 ending in November 2018, making the switch has never been more beneficial.

Switch from Magento and get 6 months free, plus a free site migration.

Make The Switch

Why Switch?


Security You Can Count On

Magento site security is your responsibility, though the platform is prone to breaches, such as the Guruncsite malware that struck 10,000+ Magento sites in 2015.

Shopify Plus is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and, while many sites use SSL encryption to protect personal information during checkout, Shopify protects the entire shopping experience.

Superior Architecture

Magento licensing does not include hosting services, so you must hire a provider to accommodate peak traffic, and a portion of every deployment is spent testing performance.

Shopify Plus supports rapid growth and high volume without added costs and time. Many retailers have already moved to Shopify Plus just to accommodate the traffic of flash sales.

Customization Options

With Magento, you can modify core modules, but you must manage and scale any extensions or customizations yourself.

Shopify Plus allows you to write customizations or build them via private apps. An Embedded App SDK allows individual customer extensions to appear directly in the Shopify Admin.

Scalability & Reliability

Magento’s deployments require that your solution accommodate your single highest peak in traffic, so you may build an infrastructure that you only use for one day a year.

Shopify Plus offers a fully hosted SaaS solution built to handle any level of volume, ensuring that Black Friday and daily volume are both handled with ease.

Dedicated Support

Magento offers technical support, but once you sign up for licensing, a third-party integrator is needed for any ongoing expertise on your deployment.

With Shopify Plus, an expert, dedicated team ensures that your transition is smooth and seamless.

How Will This Work?

  • Migration: Free standard data migrations, or $1000 towards a non-standard migration
  • Offer Duration: April 3rd – June 30, 2017
  • Platform fees only on a full-priced 2 year contract. Other charges — apps, shipping, trans fees if not using Shopify Payments — still apply
  • Up to 500k SKUs
  • Up to 1mm customers
  • Will not import over 500k orders
  • Will not import product reviews
  • No modifications to the Magento database
  • Migration is to a single Shopify Plus instance
  • Standard migration does not include standardization, normalization, string manipulation, merging, splitting, calculations, additions, or de-duplication of existing data
  • Does not allow for restructuring products (e.g. non-matrix to matrix)
  • Magento 2.X customers will receive 6 months free, but no migration services are included

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