Kidney Cancer Association

As one of our long time partners, we have a special affinity for the Kidney Cancer Association.  To anyone affected by this rare disease, they know it can be a rough road ahead as dollars allocated to research and prevention are more difficult to come by than more common diseases.

v+v has worked with the KCA to create 2 major platforms.  The first is the entire KCA mobile platform, an app designed and developed for several platforms.  This app is available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices, and allows users to connect with the Kidney Cancer Association in innovative ways.  A quiz game allows visitors to learn more about the disease and the organization, and there are multiple ways to donate, get in touch or share your story with other users, including…

Kidney Cancer Connect (, a social platform dedicated to patients, survivors and others affected by the disease to be able to tell their story of survival.  This platform serves as a way for those affected to connect and learn about others troubles, and see how those stories can help their own fight against the disease.

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