Newco: Insights on Innovation, Directly from the Source

By Anshey Bhatia • October 7, 2014

Newco came to New York last week, with 2 days full of innovative companies opening their doors to entrepreneurs, investors, executives and future influencers. From storied companies such as TED, General Assembly, and Red Antler, to amazing startups like Evol8tion and Ahalife, nearly 100 companies participated in the city-wide festival. After visiting quite a few companies, V+V had two key takeaways from Newco.

First, every speaker credited their success to their people. Hiring the right people can transform any company. They all spoke about how personality is far more important than skills. Hiring someone who has great skills but does not fit within the company culture can be detrimental to growth and success. It is safe to say that we feel our entire team fits well here at Verbal+Visual, and we all share the same vision: to create great!

Second, atmosphere plays a big role in innovation. Not only were the offices we visited unique, most of the speakers spoke about how their office space and company culture has attributed to their success. Keeping the space open caters to creativity and collaboration, allowing these companies to continue to innovate and grow. Company culture and policies also have significant impact on the office atmosphere. From encouraging individual growth and learning, to great teamwork and working relationships, the companies we visited raved on how much culture fosters success  V+V will definitely be taking some tips from our Newco experience and implementing them in our own office space. First up is starting our L+L Program, which is designed to give our team leadership and learning opportunities beyond the day to day.

We learned about some specific challenges from certain companies and how they overcame them, but when it came down to it, the people, culture, and vision are what makes all of these companies great. Many thanks to Newco for putting on such a great event. We learned quite a lot about some great companies we admire, and we will certainly be back next year!


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