Just Launched: TaroWorks

By Anshey Bhatia • October 4, 2016

With the relaunch of the website, TaroWorks’ branding is rejuvenated and targeting more qualified leads. TaroWorks CRM software is built with the aim to help nonprofit organizations with field teams working in remote areas. Their mobile app allows field teams to efficiently collect data and process jobs while staying connected to the global headquarters. We’re excited to partner with TaroWorks and help spread the awareness of their advanced tools in the nonprofit world.

Rooted in social entrepreneurship

TaroWorks is bridging the gap between the nonprofit and tech sector, by providing a mobile CRM software. TaroWorks began as a startup initiative within the Grameen Foundation, the nonprofit dedicated to helping the world’s poorest people reach their full potential, connecting their determination and skills with the resources they need. They saw a lack of technology infrastructure within the nonprofits and social enterprises. Launched in 2013, TaroWorks has now reached more than 90 social enterprises and nonprofit organizations across 30+ countries, supporting over 200,000 micro-entrepreneurs and improving the lives of over 3 million of the world’s poor. With their advanced and robust CRM software, TaroWorks hopes that nonprofits will let data drive their operations decisions.

Rebranding TaroWorks

The TaroWorks team wanted to refresh their branding and use less technical jargon when discussing for their robust software. Verbal+Visual refreshed their logo by brightened their brand colors and created custom iconography to explain their unique features and applications.

Generating more leads

Additionally, TaroWorks wanted their new site to attract more qualified leads. With a built-in application within Salesforce, new clients have to subscribe to the Salesforce program first as well as have the budget for tech software. To tackle the challenge, Verbal+Visual designed a dynamic pricing page that includes animation and breaks down the custom pricing tiers from small to larger organizations. Also, we included a contact form to every web page to ensure an opportunity to reach out to leads as they browse the site.

We are very proud of the end result. Check out the new site at taroworks.org!

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