Just Launched: Supima

By Anshey Bhatia • April 26, 2017

Luxury, quality, and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Supima cotton. Their American-grown, extra-long staple cotton is twice as strong as regular cotton, and makes for products of extraordinary quality and resilience.

Emphasizing Softness & Strength

With their newly refreshed site, we wanted to capture the brilliance of a cotton so plush that it can be spun into luxury goods, yet so hardy that it stands the test of time. We wanted to emphasize, at once, Supima cotton’s softness and strength.

Echoing the Organic

We achieved this by mimicking the cotton itself. Fine colors, organic shapes, and crisp lifestyle and landscape images create a clean space where Supima’s story soars. By both highlighting and speaking to the luxury brands Supima partners with, we elevated the site to align with the world’s leading fashion, accessories, and home markets brands.

Supima website digital by Verbal+Visual

We are very proud of the end result. The site is something to be proud of and a good reflection to the brand itself. Explore supima.com!

Anshey Bhatia

Founder of Verbal+Visual. E-commerce nerd. People connector. Travel junkie. Tech lover.

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