Just Signed: Deadstock Inc.

By Caroline Dau • November 14, 2013

The shoe-lover in me is excited to announce that we are working with the “brand new” brand Deadstock Inc. Deadstock was created for sneaker enthusiasts to obtain exclusive sneakers they may not have previously had access to. The world of sneakers has a lot to do with who you know! Deadstock Inc. wants to serve as the middle man between sneaker heads and the shoes they want most. Currently the brand is rolling out via Instagram and other social media outlets as a way to gain exposure.

The future of Deadstock includes selling branded merchandise, as well as exclusive sneakers via an eCommerce platform and a mobile sneaker truck. This sneaker truck will be outfitted as a fully functioning boutique. This unique “storefront” is what sets Deadstock Inc. apart and encompasses the fun, innovative and creative spirit of the brand.

We are looking forward to working with Deadstock Inc. to design and develop both the brand and eCommerce digital platforms.

Reasons We Love Deadstock Inc.

It is no secret that here at Verbal+Visual we work with brands that we love. Here are just a few things that draw us towards Deadstock Inc.:

  • The uniqueness of the retail concept
  • The strong integration of social into the brand identity and future shopping experience
  • The young, fresh vibe of the company
  • The tagline! “Be You. Be Brand New”

We are excited to “kick” off this project and see how far we can “run” with it.

Deadstock Inc.

Caroline Dau

Senior Producer at Verbal+Visual. I love long walks on the beach (literally) and to-do lists.

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