Just Launched: Shape Activewear

By Anshey Bhatia • December 5, 2016

Whether you are a yogi, runner, cyclist, or gym rat, you’ll want to know about Shape activewear. Shape is the activewear brand focused on combining high-performance materials and fashionable design in sports clothing. With exclusive features, such as moisture-wicking technology and reflective fabric, Shapes’ products incorporate cutting-edge R&D to provide a superior product line. In the highly competitive activewear arena, our recent re-launch shows off the high end products with beautiful photography combined with detailed technology areas.  This allows potential customers to explore the product details in a delightful fashion. For many years, Shape apparel has been sold in Equinox and Von Maur, and now they have a bright and shiny eCommerce experience to match.

New Look for New Brand

The Shape team had been conducting a brand refresh in tandem with the site redesign to continue to attract female consumers looking for athleisure clothing. The brand colors changed from black and pink to grey and gold, in order to display the brand as modern and luxurious. This helped to elevate the brand and worked well with the stylized lifestyle photos used throughout the site. Verbal+Visual wanted to highlight these captivating images to inspire product discovery and purchase.

Raising the Barre

Shape activewear uses the latest innovation in sports apparel to ensure that their products are a cut above the competition. The Shape team conducts thorough market research and product testing before bringing their clothes to market. As a result, they have exclusive features including DryFuze moisture-wicking fabric and reflective spandex. To highlight their innovative features, we added a features page with unique iconography for each unique feature.  

Partnering with Shape Magazine

On the new site, Verbal+Visual prioritized the special offers and discounts to entice shoppers. Due to the high quality of Shape clothes, the brand has ongoing marketing initiatives to other brands.  With a shared interest in female fitness, Shape activewear has a partnership with the women’s magazine Shape. In stores, Shape products include a Shape Magazine clothes tag so we wanted to continue the brand messaging around the partnership on the new site.

Ready, Set, Launch!

Verbal+Visual chose Shopify as the engine for the new Shape eCommerce site. The platform allows for continued growth for the new activewear brand. To see Shape’s wide selection of leggings, shorts, tank tops and jackets, check out the new site at shapeactive.com!


shape activewear homepage

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