Just Launched: Refinery29’s 100 Days of Summer

By Anshey Bhatia • July 20, 2017

Refinery29 recently teamed with Toyota to inspire readers with exciting things to do, buy, watch, or listen to each day of summer, all while promoting Toyota’s newest model, the C-HR. To bring this festive promotion to life, Refinery29 partnered with V+V’s development team and the end result is a beautiful, smart application.

A stunning design

Refinery29 requested a design that resembles a grid of cards that, on click, open in pop up windows within the same page. V+V deemed this design the perfect candidate for a javascript framework to build a single page application. We selected Contentful as our content management system, to ensure the Refinery29 team the easiest editing and management capabilities possible.

A unique mobile experience

Refinery29 had a detailed vision for the mobile experience of this application, as much of the traffic is driven from Facebook. This was a unique challenge, as the Facebook browser is still young and sometimes lacks the consistent experience offered by more robust browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, by implementing clever CSS workarounds, we at V+V were able to achieve the smooth and seamless user experience Refinery29 was after.

We’re quite proud of our work with Refinery29. Browse 100 Days of Summer!

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer

Refinery29 Verbal+Visual site

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer - Verbal+Visual Digital

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer 2017

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer 2017 picnic

Refinery29's 100 Days of Summer Stargazing - Verbal+Visual Digital

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