Just Launched: Paul Evans

By Anshey Bhatia • June 1, 2018

Paul Evans wanted to elevate the traditional retail experience and decided to strike out on their own. They packed their bags and flew to Italy with one goal in mind: stylish, comfortable shoes made from the highest quality materials they could find, delivered straight to you. After a year-long search for the most renowned shoemakers in the world, they found themselves in Naples, where they began a close and personal relationship with the Napolitano factory that expertly crafts each pair of Paul Evans. Mission accomplished.

Handmade shoes from the Gulf of Naples delivered straight to your doorstep.

Verbal+Visual was tasked with creating a digital experience that felt consistent with the brand. Paul Evans desired a way to bring their site to the next level visually, functionally, and most importantly through customer service. They wanted to give their direct-to-consumer experience a high-end feeling.

The ultimate solution for men’s shoes.

V+V created a consistent style guide to apply across the site, which included updates to font, color, and icons. We created a fit guide feature to enhance customer service and implemented more subtle upsell opportunities. Conveniently, Paul Evans has always been on Shopify Plus, which made the ongoing edits manageable internally. All these changes provided a cohesive canvas for Paul Evans to better tell their story of hand-made Italian shoes delivered direct-to-consumer.

Invest in style.

V+V listened carefully to the distinct needs of Paul Evans – the highest-quality Italian-made shoes that surpass competitors by way of quality and design, and delivered straight to the customer. We’re proud to build a site that is reflective of the quality of their shoes and creates an enjoyable customer experience.

We’re delighted to share with you Paul Evan’s new site.
Explore https://www.paulevansny.com/

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