Just Launched: nuyu

By Anshey Bhatia • April 13, 2017

Inspired by a state of mind, nuyu has a simple mission: to honor and connect women by empowering them to treat their wardrobes as extensions of what they love and what they want. They aim to create designs that combine iconic logos and emblems with a strong, feminine, athleisure flair.

Refreshed & Emboldened.

Nuyu - The New You. Shopify Verbal+Visual

When we partnered with nuyu, we set out to refresh and embolden their brand while honoring their mission and staying true to their guiding design principles: high function and playful fashion. Where their site once featured conservative fonts and imagery, we introduced bold typography and an edgy, fashion-forward feel. A fresh, neutral palette dances with high contrast photography. Sketchy hand lettering lends a sense of youth and playfulness. A transposition of elements breaks the traditional design grid and offers an elevated, personalized presence.

Set for growth.

Nuyu college wear - Verbal+Visual digital presence

We chose Shopify as the platform for their new e-commerce site, which allows for seamless management of inventory and sales, and supports future growth of the brand.

Tulane college wear Nuyu - Verbal+Visual Shopify e-commerce

Nuyu has a site to be proud of

We are incredibly proud of the look and feel of nuyu’s fresh site and honored to be a part of their growth. Check out wearnuyu.com!

Anshey Bhatia

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