Just Launched: MVP Collections

By Anshey Bhatia • May 31, 2018

Former MLB All-Star, 1995 MVP Mo Vaughn has a knack for seeing opportunity and creating purpose. After a successful career in the MLB and doing commercial real estate, he established MVP Collections in 2016. MVP is a solution inspired for the big and tall man. Being the customer, Mo understands how challenging it can be for the big guy shopping for options. For years he found it difficult to find clothes that were fashionable and fit. After several years of having his clothes custom made, he felt it was time that this customer had some options that were affordable and fashionable.

Big And Tall Within Reach

MVP was looking for a way to bring brand consistency throughout their site. They came to Verbal+Visual to help bring the branding from their actual clothing production onto the site. We wanted to make it seem cohesive in this way, and yet still appeal to Mo’s general audience.

“I had the means, but for guys that didn’t, I mean you would see three or four guys, and you knew where they were shopping. I wouldn’t say there was anything wrong with it, but you knew. Their options were so limited. That was the shame of it for me. Is no one really doing this? When we started this, we came out with basic tees and jeans, and nobody wanted any of it! They wanted something they had never seen before and couldn’t’ get. We started making animal prints. There were no moto jeans for tall guys; now we have them in all different colors. These guys are looking for color; they’re looking for fashion; they’re looking for everything.”

-Mo Vaughn, on AthletesQuarterly.com in an article titled “Mo Vaughn: Dressed for Success.”


Every Man Can Choose To Be Stylish

We decided to approach this with Style Tiles, which allows us to capture the look and feel of how a redesign will go (sort of like a mood board). Style Tiles allowed us to reflect the cool street style nature of the brand online and make it known that this is Mo Vaughn’s signature line. This allowed us to dictate the rest of the page designs in a productive fashion.

Mo Vaughn’s Signature

Using consistent colors, and complementary type hierarchy, we created an in-sync design between the templates and the website design. This allowed us to style a site for MVP that feels high end, but not out of reach nor intimidating.

We’re happy to share with you MVP Collections new site.

Explore https://mvpcollections.com/

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