Just Launched: Grameen PrimaCare Non-Profit Website

By Verbal+Visual • September 23, 2013

This is an exciting time for our partners over at Grameen PrimaCare, as we launched their brand new website on Friday! 
Grameen PrimaCare Icon

verbal+visual worked with Grameen PrimaCare to design and build the non-profit’s front-facing development and fundraising
website. The goal of the site is to serve as a hub of information about Grameen PrimaCare, and allow potential donors the opportunity to gain more insight about the organization, as well as donate through the site itself.

Healthcare for low-income womenThe site also highlights the pilot Grameen Vida Sana program. Grameen Vida Sana is designed to provide low-income women with innovative and comprehensive health care programs at an affordable cost. Grameen PrimaCare was founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhummad Yunus and launched this year. This is his latest project aiming to improve the lives of the poor around the world.

Non-Profit website design

Grameen PrimaCare About Us


Grameen PrimaCare Donate

The website utilizes a clean and organized layout, to allow users to easily browse the site. Icons, custom graphics and bright colors were used to visually represent content and draw a visitor’s eye. Using WordPress as the foundation for the site allows Grameen PrimaCare staff to easily update all content in the future as need be. In addition, the integration of a donation form makes it easy for visitors to donate on the spot, while various contact forms make it simple for visitors to request and acquire additional information.

For more information about Grameen PrimaCare visit the newly launched site at grameenprimacare.org.




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