Just Launched: CHASE54 Website

By Anshey Bhatia • September 1, 2016

The Pursuit of Perfection

CHASE54 isn’t just your normal golf apparel brand- they do it all. From the designing to the researching, to the development & manufacturing, CHASE54 brings the highest quality golf apparel straight to your door. At Verbal+Visual, we wanted to give this elite high-tech company a website that matched the superiority of its clothing.

Staying in the Game

Being leaders in the golf apparel industry, CHASE54’s line is designed with form, fit and fashion in mind. It’s all about providing maximum comfort and convenience on and off the course while still looking great. Lulu Faddis has brought the vision for their new collection alive as the Creative Director & Chief Designer. Her designs paired with their unparalleled fabric technology bring a unique golf line to the market. The fabric technologies add an extra edge to CHASE54’s sportswear, possessing characteristics such as moisture wicking, weather durability, and stretch enhancing material.

Built on Shopify

The team at Verbal+Visual used Shopify to create an overall cleaner shopping experience as well as an informative brand story. On the Shopify platform, the CHASE54 team can manage their products and inventory, as well as track sales and growth trends. For us, the new chase54.com is a real hole-in-one. You can check it out live at CHASE54.com.

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CHASE54 homepage by Verbal+Visual Digital Agency


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