Junior Front-End Developer Code Challenge

The task:

Download the project files:
.sketch or PDF

You will be building a homepage for a fictitious storefront by converting the designs from the link above to a live, responsive website. If you don’t have Sketch, you can download a free trial version here. You can extract the image assets directly form the .sketch file. The two fonts are available through Google Fonts.

Please submit your work as a link to a live, hosted version of your site. You are welcome to host your site anywhere you like, but building it as the homepage of a live Shopify site is ideal. You can start your free trial storefont here.

In addition to a link to your site, please include your source code—e.g. a link to a GitHub repo.

This task is designed to assess your skills and resourcefulness as a front-end web developer. It is an evaluation of your use of modern web development tools practices as well as your ability to accurately adhere to design specifications. If you have any questions, please email ross at verbalplusvisual dot com.


As an agency, we use Vue.js as our MVC framework of choice. You are encouraged to build some (or all) of this page with Vue or similar framework. Extra bonus for Vue.js + Shopify.

You choose to host this assignment as a Shopify store, it would be a great opportunity for you to show your understanding of the platform—e.g. content management via page sections, etc.

We are looking for a developer who excels at creating beautiful and interactive digital experiences. The designs provided do not include interaction specifications—this is your opportunity to show us your creativity by implementing things like hover states, etc.