Understanding Image Sizing and Responsive Design

By Anshey Bhatia • January 3, 2018

The use of responsive imagery on websites is a topic that often elicits questions — and even confusion — from our clients. Clients tend to think that images should be shot and/or cropped in a portrait format. In reality, product and lifestyle images are best cropped using a specific aspect ratio. Our team recently created a video with the purpose of helping our clients understand the process of image sizing and responsive design. We hope that by clearly outlining our recommendations, the end result is a site with polished product shots and lifestyle imagery.

Our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the best way to shoot photos to achieve an optimal site experience. We begin by walking through aspect ratios and how they apply, as well as the importance of “responsive design” in the first place. Finally, we unpack the challenges we often encounter with aspect ratios, and show you how to optimize images for a successful, responsive website.

Check it out, and stay tuned for additional resources in the new year. We are excited to share!


Anshey Bhatia

Founder of Verbal+Visual. E-commerce nerd. People connector. Travel junkie. Tech lover.

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