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In the fast-paced hospital industry, having a dynamic website is vital for your future success and growth. Today consumer’s expectations of planning a vacation involve online research, reading consumer reviews and finding deals and discounts. According to eMarketer, 69% of consumers start planning their next trip by Google searching on their mobile. TripAdvisor has 139 customer reviews posted on their site every minute. Making your site equipped for customer reviews, social media interactions and hosting engaging content is key to your success.

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Verbal+Visual’s talented team has experience in building website sites and has a unique insight into the hospitality industry. Since 2009, Verbal+Visual has been designing digital platforms that inspire consumers. With our technological capability and creative designs, we can launch a site that highlights your brand voice, and built for your future growth.

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Winegardner & Hammons began as a family business based in Ohio and over the decades, has built a reputation in hospital services. Their client list includes Marriott, Hyatt Place, and Holiday Inn.
Verbal+Visual built a dynamic website that showcased their expertise in hotel management services and property development. Also, the new site was designed to attract new talent to their company. Since the launch, the traffic for the site’s Contact Us page has increased by 129%.

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We start all our design projects by listening to our clients and immersing ourselves in the opportunities and challenges that our clients face. After research, we use the best practices and our creative skills, to bring your company brand to life on digital platforms. Your company business needs and brand voice is at the center of our digital designs.

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