Hacker Days at Verbal+Visual

By Anshey Bhatia • December 27, 2016

To cap off 2016 the team at Verbal+Visual committed to spending two days on a creative project completely outside our daily job responsibilities. The Hacker Days project allowed the Verbal+Visual team to flex their tech skills and marketing knowledge while bonding with co-workers. Each team included a designer, a developer, a project manager and a content marketing manager.


Team: Haunted S’mores

The team Haunted S’mores was tasked with creating a Verbal+Visual playbook with the company’s new branding. The objective of the playbook was to give our clients a deeper look into our agency’s processes and operations.  Also, we wanted to present the playbook with a story to engage our readers. We came up with the theme of building a home, which resonated with our process of building sites for our clients. For each stage of our process, from planning to launching a site, our designer created unique illustrations making comparisons to building a house. For example, the strategy and discovery research section were presented with an illustration of a home building blueprint. In development, the playbook site was designed with different colors for each section and a responsive menu for visitors to move through the site.

verbal+visual playbook

Team: Damn Daniel

The Damn Daniel team (name inspired by the viral snapchat) worked on creating a client dashboard for Verbal+Visual design projects. The goal of the client dashboard was to give our clients a high-level view of our projects and provide a reference tool. First, the team identified the needs of both our clients and the internal Verbal+Visual team during a project. Secondly, the team created a feature prioritization for the dashboard including quick links, timeline and communicate project pauses. Given our time limit, we wanted to include the most critical features in the dashboard with the ability to upgrade over time. The final site was a brand new client dashboard that is responsive to different screens- mobile, tablet and desktop.

client dashboard

Despite having only two days to work on the playbook and the dashboard, we’re really proud of the end results. The Hacker Days was an inspiring way to end the year. We’re looking forward to what 2017 brings.


verbal+visual team

damn daniel team

haunted smores team


Anshey Bhatia

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