DPM Connect “What Keeps You Up At Night” Event Recap

By Caroline Dau • October 24, 2013

Last night marked the second DPM Connect event which brought together a group of talented digital project managers and producers exciting to share stories, insights, and drinks! The theme of the event was “What Keeps You Up At Night” and included discussions on the topics of scope creep, design frankenstein and nightmare conversations. It was a great opportunity to not only get to know other PMs in the NYC area, but discuss experiences related to the position.

DPM Connect October EventI was lucky enough to partake in some amazing conversations that included debating the best practices in terms of handling projects that continue to grow and grow in scope, and the importance of utilizing the team and resources around you at all steps in a project’s lifespan. Our amazing sponsors Harvest, Float and GatherContent donated some amazing prizes that we were able to raffle off throughout the evening.

Look for future posts detailing some of the lessons I learned from this event!

As part of the volunteer team it was wonderful to see our efforts pay off with what was a great night. Thank you to everyone that came out and made the event a success. For more information about DPM Connect, future events, and how to get involved, be sure to check out the website at www.dpmconnect.com. 


Caroline Dau

Senior Producer at Verbal+Visual. I love long walks on the beach (literally) and to-do lists.

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