Celebrating Earth Day With Sheltering Arms

By Ramona Soriano • April 30, 2018

Verbal+Visual believes that giving back starts locally. That’s why to celebrate Earth Day, we partnered with Sheltering Arms NY, a non-profit which supports low-income children and families, and helps them tap into their full potential.

For Earth Day, V+V exchanged office hours for volunteer time. We spent an afternoon with a group of middle school boys. We lead groups to think critically about how to use technology and innovation to effect change.

The challenge motivated the boys to imagine a future with sustainable inventions that impact the environment in a positive way. Ocean cleaning drones and skateboards made of recycled material were among the inventions thought up and executed.

We’re deeply touched by the time spent with the kids and hopeful that we’re a small part of their growth towards a better future. Thank you to Sheltering Arms for creating a meaningful experience for us all.

Ramona Soriano

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