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Tufenkian: Backend Integration with Nextopia & Shopify Plus

James Tufenkian created Tufenkian Artisan Carpets with hopes of connecting with people by honoring ancient, handcrafted traditions. When Tufenkian Artisan Carpets approached Verbal+Visual  to elevate their digital presence to reflect their luxury carpets and humanitarian mission, refining the technology features behind their site and implementing an intuitive backend was an immediate goal.

Challenge: Integrate with legacy back-office systems while migrating to Shopify Plus.

The Tufenkian team is looking to transition to a more seamlessly integrated ERP and CRM in the future, but they wanted to tackle one major transition at a time. Because these rugs are handcrafted with precision or painstakingly sourced, flowing seamlessly with technology is essential. They did not want to change e-commerce platforms and task their team with re-learning additional systems in tandem.

Tufenkian Artisan Carpets Products Code Base

Solution: Sync with Tufenkian’s ERP and integrate with Nextopia. 

Verbal+Visual persisted new customer information to Maximizer CRM via API, and also generated emails/triggered sends for internal use with Mailchimp/Mandrill API.  We also built an abstraction layer on top of Nextopia, a leading search site provider, to allow users to select and remove multiple filters without page reload. This integration paved way to synchronized automation, giving the Tufenkian team the power to process orders more quickly and efficiently from inventory and order management, to accounting and customer relationship management, and everything in between.

Result: A polished, integrated backend. 

The Tufenkian team now has a backend that runs around the clock and updates inventory based on the inventory levels in a hosted xml file. This information is mapped via SKU and results in smooth internal management. Additionally, Tufenkian has since seen an increase in online sales. The result is a site that provides customers with immediate gratification for rugs that ultimately take 4-8 months to create, as well as an efficient solution for the team at Tufenkian — a digital presence that now aligns with the prestige of their timeless, handwoven carpets.

Integrations used: Nextopia, Maximizer, Mailchimp/Mandrill API, Shopify Plus


oomph Home: Custom 100+ Variant Solution on Shopify Plus

Imagine being able to pick out a piece of furniture and customize it online with your choice of color, fabric, and finish — customizable furniture with your selections visible in real time. Verbal+Visual partnered with oomph Home, chic designer furniture made in the U.S.A., to realize this vision of custom orders produced and shipped from around the country. The user result is a custom variant solution with a seamless ordering process. Clients get stunning custom furniture delivered right to your door – just as you envisioned.

Challenge: How do we build a complex variant solution on Shopify Plus that manages custom orders and fulfillment?

Given Shopify’s 100 variant limit and oomph’s regular need for thousands, there was a real obstacle in making custom furniture on-demand a reality. oomph was in need of a more satisfying shopping experience that represented the variant options for their products — including 18 colors and 8 surfaces, among many others — and their previous site did not offer a way for users to see every option. 

Solution: A custom app with 3D renders to allow users to truly view every possible combination of every product.

Verbal+Visual’s solution was to develop a product application that allows for CSV uploads initially, as certain products have well over 5,000 variants.  V+V selected Shopify Plus as the home for oomph’s new e-commerce space. Shopify Plus offers a clean interface that seamlessly integrates with the Shopify POS, and a custom POS integration also allows for intuitive management of oomph’s many (over 100!) product variants. Built on Ruby on Rails, V+V created a custom application to dynamically deliver custom SKUs to the Shopify Plus storefront as customers browse the thousands of variant option combinations. Once uploaded, products can be adjusted by selecting and deselecting variants as needed.  SKUs and product image names are generated using the selected product variants, creating a seamless way to edit and update individual products.  Additionally, all products are 3D modeled with every possible combination in mind, and then named according to their SKU.  This allows the oomph team to effortlessly match product images with individual variant combinations. A beautiful solution to a complex problem!

oomph Home Product Variants

Result: A seamless, customized home decor experience.

The oomph team is now able to manage products with ease, making quick updates to SKUs, product options, and more. The V+V solution saves the oomph team countless hours in fulfillment and product management on the site. The result is a deeply satisfying experience that allows users to see the final product they will receive, before they place an order.The end result is a refreshed site that is smoothly navigable to users and easily maintained by administrators, with a design that celebrates the products’ custom nature by spotlighting color variations with a fun browse-by-color feature. Bonus: Since oomph products now use 3D renders, a new AR/VR experience is on the horizon that further enhances the reach of the initial platform build.

We’d call that a customized win-win.

Just Launched: Tufenkian Artisan Carpets

Tufenkian Artisan Carpets are renowned for fine materials, timeless designs, hand craftsmanship, and a social mission that improves the lives of workers, their families, and their economic communities. When we partnered with Tufenkian, we aimed to elevate their digital presence to reflect not only their luxury brand, but also their honorable humanitarian efforts. 

Immediate Gratification

Where Tufenkian previously hosted two distinct sites for their non-shoppable collection products and e-commerce closeout products, respectively, we endeavored to streamline their offerings into a single, polished site that is both user-friendly and easily managed. We wanted this newly optimized site to deliver immediate gratification that reflects the unmatched level of service and satisfaction provided to Tufenkian customers. Tufenkian prides itself on stocking a wealth of designs, price points, and sizes for immediate delivery, a unique business model that their new Shopify-hosted platform entirely supports.

What’s Woven In

By incorporating the highest level of visuals, features, and mobile responsiveness that e-commerce customers have come to expect, Tufenkian’s digital presence now aligns with the prestige of their timeless, handwoven carpets.

We are very proud of Tufenkian’s new site. Explore!

Tufenkian Verbal+Visual e-commerceTufenkian Artisan Carpets digital online experienceLuxury brand Tufenkian Artisan Carpets Handwoven with a stellar e-commerce experience
Digital Tufenkian Artisan Carpets e-commerceWeaving quality carpets to modern design e-commerce

Just Launched: Refinery29’s 100 Days of Summer

Refinery29 recently teamed with Toyota to inspire readers with exciting things to do, buy, watch, or listen to each day of summer, all while promoting Toyota’s newest model, the C-HR. To bring this festive promotion to life, Refinery29 partnered with V+V’s development team and the end result is a beautiful, smart application.

A stunning design

Refinery29 requested a design that resembles a grid of cards that, on click, open in pop up windows within the same page. V+V deemed this design the perfect candidate for a javascript framework to build a single page application. We selected Contentful as our content management system, to ensure the Refinery29 team the easiest editing and management capabilities possible.

A unique mobile experience

Refinery29 had a detailed vision for the mobile experience of this application, as much of the traffic is driven from Facebook. This was a unique challenge, as the Facebook browser is still young and sometimes lacks the consistent experience offered by more robust browsers such as Chrome and Safari. However, by implementing clever CSS workarounds, we at V+V were able to achieve the smooth and seamless user experience Refinery29 was after.

We’re quite proud of our work with Refinery29. Browse 100 Days of Summer!

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer

Refinery29 Verbal+Visual site

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer - Verbal+Visual Digital

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer 2017

Refinery29 100 Days of Summer 2017 picnic

Refinery29's 100 Days of Summer Stargazing - Verbal+Visual Digital

Just Launched: Supima

Luxury, quality, and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Supima cotton. Their American-grown, extra-long staple cotton is twice as strong as regular cotton, and makes for products of extraordinary quality and resilience.

Emphasizing Softness & Strength

With their newly refreshed site, we wanted to capture the brilliance of a cotton so plush that it can be spun into luxury goods, yet so hardy that it stands the test of time. We wanted to emphasize, at once, Supima cotton’s softness and strength.

Echoing the Organic

We achieved this by mimicking the cotton itself. Fine colors, organic shapes, and crisp lifestyle and landscape images create a clean space where Supima’s story soars. By both highlighting and speaking to the luxury brands Supima partners with, we elevated the site to align with the world’s leading fashion, accessories, and home markets brands.

Supima website digital by Verbal+Visual

We are very proud of the end result. The site is something to be proud of and a good reflection to the brand itself. Explore!

Just Launched: nuyu

Inspired by a state of mind, nuyu has a simple mission: to honor and connect women by empowering them to treat their wardrobes as extensions of what they love and what they want. They aim to create designs that combine iconic logos and emblems with a strong, feminine, athleisure flair.

Refreshed & Emboldened.

Nuyu - The New You. Shopify Verbal+Visual

When we partnered with nuyu, we set out to refresh and embolden their brand while honoring their mission and staying true to their guiding design principles: high function and playful fashion. Where their site once featured conservative fonts and imagery, we introduced bold typography and an edgy, fashion-forward feel. A fresh, neutral palette dances with high contrast photography. Sketchy hand lettering lends a sense of youth and playfulness. A transposition of elements breaks the traditional design grid and offers an elevated, personalized presence.

Set for growth.

Nuyu college wear - Verbal+Visual digital presence

We chose Shopify as the platform for their new e-commerce site, which allows for seamless management of inventory and sales, and supports future growth of the brand.

Tulane college wear Nuyu - Verbal+Visual Shopify e-commerce

Nuyu has a site to be proud of

We are incredibly proud of the look and feel of nuyu’s fresh site and honored to be a part of their growth. Check out!

Enjoy+Engage: Verbal+Visual’s LA Launch Party Recap

It’s official: Verbal+Visual has expanded to the West Coast! To celebrate, we teamed with our partners at Shopify Plus and the good folks at Uproot Wines to host an LA launch lively evening at a beautiful loft in Santa Monica. It was an occasion of fine wine, great food, and networking with e-commerce executives from some of LA’s most exciting lifestyle brands.Uproot WinesAfter a few days of rain in southern California, the clouds parted and the sun shone bright over the City of Angels, just in time for our party. Most of the 40+ attendees of our intimate wine tasting are in the e-commerce space within Southern California, and it was amazing to see such a diversity of high quality retailers being represented. Our Data-Driven Design booklets were informative takeaways for all of the attendees, as well.

Verbal+Visual Los Angeles launch with Uproot Wines and Shopify Plus

We wanted to curate an elevated experience, so we reached out to our good friends and clients at Uproot Wines to structure an evening around a tasting from their outstanding portfolio.  The venue was multi-level, so we set up tasting stations on the first and second floors that each featured select wines for our guests to enjoy.  We served a 2013 Santa Ynez Valley Grenache Blanc and a 2013 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc downstairs, while upstairs guests enjoyed a 2013 Santa Ynez Valley Grenache and a 2012 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, which recently received a 90 Point rating from Wine Spectator.  Many thanks to Uproot Wines for helping us make the evening extra special for our guests!  The feedback on the wines was overwhelmingly positive.

Verbal+Visual Los Angeles launch with Uproot Wines and Shopify Plus

Many thanks to our friends at Stage+Table for the incredible space and warm hospitality. Our goal was to find a venue that lended itself to an interesting and inviting atmosphere for our attendees, and Stage+Table delivered in a big way. Be sure to check out their experiential social club concept if you are based in Los Angeles!Verbal+Visual Los Angeles 2017 launch with Uproot Wines and Shopify Plus

Another big shout out goes to Milo & Olive.  Located right up the road from us in Santa Monica, they provided an incredible spread of hors d’oeuvres that paired fantastically with our selection of wines and flew off the plates. Milo & Olive is part of a restaurant group that includes Rustic Canyon, Sweet Rose Creamery, Huckleberry, Esters Wine Shop & Bar, and Cassia — all of which we highly recommend checking out if you’re in the area!

Verbal+Visual Los Angeles launch with Uproot Wines and Shopify Plus

We so appreciate all of our guests coming out to celebrate with us.  The evening was rich with insightful conversations and relationship building, and we could not be more excited to work with some of the innovative brands within the thriving lifestyle sector on the West Coast. Cheers to an incredible evening and exciting times ahead!

Data driven design Verbal+Visual Los Angeles launch with Uproot Wines and Shopify Plus