5 Types of Blog Posts For When You’re Stuck

By Anshey Bhatia • November 5, 2015

Content is more important than ever. Providing quality content, in the form of blog posts, or maybe even an eBook, supports the product or service your business is selling. However, sometimes the idea well dries up, especially when you’ve been posting consistently. If you hoping to create quality, consistent content, here are some tricks you should keep up your sleeve:

Answer Questions

If there’s an element of your product that is often the topic of confusion, consider creating content to clear up those areas. This will also serve as a big help for your customer service department, as they will be able to link directly to those posts in the future.

Introduce New Products

If your company is introducing a new product, only posting about it on your social media channels won’t cut it. Formally introduce your customers through a blog post with everything they would want to know. Was this new product the result of repeated customer requests? Let your audience know that their comments are being heard and taken seriously.


Are there things about your industry that most don’t understand? Your blog is the perfect place to teach your customers, also establishing yourself as an expert. Use these blog posts to let your passion for the product shine through.

Promote Your Friends

You can also use your blog as an area to talk about other businesses you love, as well as current partnerships. Customers who love your business will welcome your recommendations, especially around the holiday season. Who knows, maybe they’ll return the favor?

Indulge Superfans

When I become obsessed with a product or company, I immediately want to learn more. After a quick stop at the company’s social media platforms, I usually head over to their website in search of a blog.Introduce your customers to your awesome employees and your fun company culture. Show your fans what happens after they order your product. Your superfans want to know what’s happening behind the scenes, and creating this type of content is a great way to build brand loyalty. 


What do you write about when you’re stuck in an idea rut? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @verbalplsvisual.



Anshey Bhatia

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